Cupping Therapy

Cupping therapy is as old, if not older than acupuncture. Cupping encourages circulation, dispels tension, and breaks up muscular adhesions. It boosts overall energy and immunity by drawing toxins out from the deeper levels of the body.

In addition to muscular and immune complaints, cupping is also a beneficial therapy for gently lifting the skin on the face and encouraging lymphatic flow and circulation to areas that have cellulite. 

Types of Cupping

In retention cupping, cups are left in a specific place for several minutes to draw pathogens and deep stagnation out of the body.

Flash cupping is a technique where the cup is applied and then removed very quickly. This technique is repeated several times in a specific area, generally on the upper back, and is ideal for respiratory infections/ recent onset sickness.

In sliding cupping, an oil is applied to the skin and the cups are moved over a specific muscle group or region of pain. This type of cupping effectively removes muscular adhesions and increases circulation. It will also help to increase the motor function a range of motion of the affected area.  

Pricing: $50 per session