Auricular Stress/Anxiety Package: $499

  • Developed specifically to shift you into a parasympathetic state and help you create a more resilient stress response.

  • includes initial consult and 1 stress/anxiety treatment per week for 8 weeks.

Pain Package: $499

  • Includes initial consult and 2 treatments per week for 4 weeks. Ideal for recent traumatic injuries, chronic pain, and pain from repetitive use.

  • Treatments will include a combination of distal and trigger point therapy.

Acupuncture Pricing: 

Initial Consult: $125

  • Includes comprehensive intake and acupuncture

Single treatment (for established clients only): $90

10 treatments: (for established clients only): $800

1 Month Client- $390

  • Includes initial consult/acupuncture and 3 additional acupuncture treatments

3 month client- $350/month

  • Includes initial consult/acupuncture, 10 acupuncture treatments, and 1 B12 injection or cupping session per month

6 month client- $320/month

  • Includes initial consult/acupuncture, 18 acupuncture treatments, 1 B12 or cupping session per month, and metabolic assessment/nutrition strategy session with Remedy's nutritionist

* At your Initial Consult we will discuss these options in more detail and help you determine what treatment strategy is best for your condition.